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5 Gifts to Get for Your Momma

Mother's Day is upon us... and if you are anything like me it snuck up on me, like HOW is it already mid May!? Not only that but you need to find a gift for your Mom, Sister, friend, hey maybe yourself?? That can add up fast depending on how many people you shop for so I am here to help you with some budget friendly gifts you can get in a flash!

Here are my top 5 gifts that any Mom will love!

Know a Mom that has a beautiful vanity or bathroom and LOVES pretty things to put in it that are actually useful? Say hello to to this gorgeous bottle of goodness. It smells heavenly but the scent is soft, not overpowering at all. An added bonus is that it can be used on face, body hair AND nails! I personally love to use it right after a shower on my feet and then put socks on overnight to let them soak in the goodness. It also makes an awesome cuticle oil!

This wouldn't be a proper list without a product that I use DAILY. I have shared this product SO many times because it is just that good! This little jar packs a punch of luscious hydrated lips! This is the perfect thing for a Mom who loves skincare and beauty products. This little jar lives by my bedside and I put it on morning and night. It has helped the texture and suppleness of my lips so much.

Anyone who dares to tell a Mom that black leggings aren't pants is sure to get a smack in the head and a stern look... because guess what *sets down vanilla latte and steps on soap box* THEY ARE PANTS WHEN YOU PUT THEM ON YOUR BODY Judgey McJudgerson... anyways...

In all seriousness, these bad boys are pure magic. They have a nice hold to them without feeling like you are in sausage casing and can't breathe. They have the PERFECT amount of hold and they stay in place, hallelujah! No rolling down or bunching up... literally the best black legging I have found. They are also squat proof so you won't have to worry about any bits showing at the gym, Target or playgroup! They are worth every single penny and any Mom would thank you for this holy grail of a Mom wardrobe staple!

Okay, so this is obviously a departure from black leggings, BUT, lemme tell you these shoes are a hidden secret that I uncovered on Amazon. YES AMAZON! I was doubtful but I figured with the safety of Amazon Prime returns, why not try them. I have had these shoes for about 6 months now and every single time I wear them I get compliments and people think that they are the much pricier luxury brand shoe. Well you can get a pretty darn good dupe for literally a fraction of the price! Plus they come in a ton of colors and styles! My personal favorite are these blush pink ones with the gold studs. Oh, and they are comfortable!! Wooo hooo! It's a fashion win!

I am a self proclaimed plant lady and proud of this. Funny thing is, 5 years ago I couldn't keep a cactus alive... yes a CACTUS! Well, then I discovered airplants, these sturdy little cutie pies are super easy to care for and bring a little green to any space. My husband got me this exact terrarium set a little while ago and I absolutely love it! This is the perfect little kit for anyone. So skip the traditional flowers this year and get something fun and different that will LAST!

Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow Mommas and happy shopping!

XO - Heather

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