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All About Influenster - How I get products to try for free!

Who likes FREE stuff?? Okay, the better question is who DOESN'T like free stuff?? The answer to that is no one! I am here to tell you all that you don't have to be a mega social media guru with a huge following to do cool things... you can do reviews on any product, at any time, become a trusted user and earn your way towards getting products FREE to review. SERIOUSLY!

So, what am I talking about and what is this box? Well this is a complimentary box I received from Influenster, this is actually my second box and I was lucky enough to be chosen for another! This time it was a #bossbabevoxbox which included a face wash, a charcoal mask, vitamins, temporary hair color spray and more!

What is Influenster and what can you do on there?

The purpose of this company is to allow a place for people to read real reviews, ask questions about products, submit their own reviews, and then be able to shop those products. This is also a place for influencers to show their knowledge, test products and leave reviews. EVERYONE is welcome and the more you share and build your network, the better! I am still super new to this platform and I am having a lot of fun so far! They also have a super easy to use app, which I love, because it makes reviewing quick and convenient!

What is a VoxBox?

A VoxBox is a box of free, often full-size products that Influenster delivers directly to its members for testing purposes. These products come directly from some of the biggest brands in the country! From beauty to food products, they have it all! Being a site member does not guarantee that you will receive free boxes, but it is sure fun to try!

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Sounds cool, but how do I get a Vox Box?

Well, it's simple, you create your account, and follow the steps below...

So who's ready to join the fun with me?! Click HERE for a referral and setup your very own account and start reviewing! Once you setup your reviewer profile you can also apply to be a part of the voxbox program for FREE products to test and review.

Thanks for reading babes! Hope you loved reading this blog as much as I did writing it! Don't forget to show me some love and drop me a comment. Feel free to ask questions too!

Love ya!

- Heather

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