Falsie Favorites: My favorite lashes and Tips for perfect application

Hellooooo gorgeous!! Thanks for stopping by! Today we are talking about the "F" word, or technically the "F and L" words... and that is FALSE LASHES!

False lashes, to some are a "cannot live without" item (hello, I am Heather and I am addicted to lashes) and for others they are intimidating and overwhelming.

I get it... gluing anything to your eye can seem super scary. Well, I am here to (hopefully) make that process not so scary by sharing my tips and tricks to perfect application every time! I will also be sharing my favorite brands in multiple price ranges, trust me there's a perfect lash out there just for YOU!

Okay, let's talk favorites! Now, I am an AVID lash user and through the years I have found some tried and true brands that just never disappoint. I have broken down this list into 3 categories for easy browsing. They are "Budget Friendly" which are lashes that are between $3-8 per pair, then "Mid Range" which are $8-15 per pair and finally, "Fancy Pants" which are $16-40 per pair.

Budget Friendly

$3-8 per pair (multipacks are more obviously)

Most are one time use only

1. Ardell Demi Wispies - a great “starter” lash that fits almost any eye shape

2. Ardell 110 - great for glasses wearers & a more natural lash look

“Mid Range”

Lashes range from $8-15

Can be used about 3-5 times

1. Eyelure Vegas Nay - This is a great brand that holds up well for about 3-5 wears and gives the appearance of a more luxe lash. They will run you about $12 per pair. These are my two favorite styles that I have tried and loved the look!

2. House of Lashes run about $11-16 and are another solid choice plus, they have TONS of varieties, these are just a few I have tried and liked.

Left: Temptress                                                    Right: Boudior Lite 

“Fancy Pants”

Lashes range from $16-$40

Some brands are re-usable up to 25 times!

Okay, so I have to say this category and these lashes are by far my FAVORITES!! The reasons why...

1) They look like real lash hair, literally like fabulous extensions... and

2) They are super durable and WELL worth the cost per wear! I mean if you can get even 20 wears out of a $16 lash that's 80 cents per wear!!  

My absolute hands down favorite for value, style options and durability in this category are Society Lashes. They run about $16-18 per pair and based on the pairs that I have purchased they all seem to be the 3D style which to me always looks more "natural" even with a bigger lash. They also don't have that "plastic" sheen to them like some other brands which is a dead giveaway for fake plastic (yuck!). The packaging isn’t as fancy as other "fancy" brands but the quality is the same, if not BETTER, seriously. 

You can use my code HEATHER10 for a discount at checkout on their website too! My favorite styles are:

For glasses wearers - Ginger or Prim & Proper

(my top two favorites that are shorter in length) 

Medium length favorites - Bella & Demure

Fabulous & fluffy favorites - Scarlet, Sophia, & Vixen (yaaaasss!!!)

Now that you have a good idea of which lashes you may like, you need to know how to apply them, right? Watch this quick tutorial on my top application tips and tricks! 

Hope you loved this blog entry! Be sure to drop me a comment on what was most helpful and what you would like to see next! 

Slay all day babes! 

- Heather 




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