Friday Faves: Press-on nails

I LOVE PRESS-ON NAILS... yep, you read that right. The woman that was a super picky "I will only go to a certain nail tech" and paid almost $90 for a dang fill and nail design once a month. I didn't say it was smart, but I used to think that having really good nails meant paying a lot of money. While that is still true in some cases, and nail tech's out there are crazy talented, I simply could not afford to keep spending that much money or time on a nail appointment every 2-3 weeks. My family survives on a tight budget and while I hustle my booty off and I have paid for every personal expense of my own (hair, nails, clothes, etc.) now for over 3 years on my own from my business account, I still hated shelling out that much money every month on some pretty standard nails.

Well, enter Marmalade Nails about 6 months ago and my life is forever changed. The perception that I used to have of press-on's is that they looked and felt cheap. They never quite fit right and the designs weren't usually super modern or chic. Somehow I stumbled across Marmalade Nails page on Instagram and at first, because of how cool the designs were, I thought it was a nail tech's page. Then... I realized... these are PRESS-ON NAILS - mind officially blown! I decided to give it a try and ordered a set of their Crystalize Nails on sale figuring it was only about $16 and if I hated them, well it was a lesson learned.

To my surprise I LOVED them and not only were they beautiful but they held up for an entire TWO WEEKS. I quickly ordered several more pairs to try different shapes and designs and after trying many, many pairs I can still tell you I love them. Plus, even better they offer a customer rewards system called "Marmalade Rewards" and you get points for purchases, following them on social media, sharing your referral link, etc! All these "mani-miles" rewards add up to discounts and FREE nails!!

I know what you are thinking, okay that is cool but do they fit and how easy are they to put on? Well, I wouldn't be a good friend unless I made a video tutorial for you so here ya go... it's seriously easy guys!

So, who wants to shop for some seriously AWESOME nails for 20% off... of course you do! Use my referral link HERE and be sure to signup for their rewards system to start earning "mani-miles" yourself! They come in stiletto, coffin, square, and round shapes with all different lengths and styles. There really is something for everyone and I am in love with my Marmalade Nails! Hope you will love them too!

Happy Friday babes!

XO Heather

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