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How I got a Prada Bag for $85

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it!? Well I can tell you this is LEGIT and I had an amazing experience with the whole process and want to share all the details with you AND get you a $50 discount so you can save even more and find some AUTHENTIC and gorgeous luxury items too! To make things easier, I made a video of my whole experience and don't forget to listen to how you can get $50 off in the video!

Thanks so much for watching and let me know what you think of this concept in the comments below. Is it something you would try? I absolutely LOVED my experience and will definitely be doing it again!

Do you DesignerShare? A gift from me to you: Get $50 off rentals of at least $100/week with my code REF79YJJOVNYT!

Simply visit

and enter my code (above) at checkout to get this discount!

Go be FAAABULOUS! - Heather

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