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Loaded Chocolate Protein Oats

Let me admit something... I'm not a eat in the morning kinda girl... or at least I didn't use to be until I realized I was doing myself and my body a great disservice by not eating! Also not eating the RIGHT things to set me up for success in my day.

So when I started to get on a proper diet plan I needed something that was EASY and quick to make as well as feeding my body the proper nutrients and fuel it needs (more in that later*). I'm happy to say that adding this quick little meal of loaded protein oats is not only delicious but filling and so good for you!

For me, starting my day out with a meal that makes me feel good and gives me energy for my workouts while not weighing me down has been a STRUGGLE! I don't love a heavy breakfast before working out so this has been PERFECT plus the Nutriplus protein powders come in multiple different flavors like chocolate, vanilla and banana!

The oats in this recipe give me the short term carb energy I need and the protein gives me long term energy and satisfying meal without the bloat!


  • 1 serving oats cooked in water

  • 2 scoops Nutriplus Protein Powder (flavor of choice)

  • Small scoop nut butter if preferred

  • Top with fruit of choice!

*NOTE: For PROPER macros, servings sizes and meal plans I HIGHLY RECOMMEND working with a nutritionist and coach to find what's right for you! My new coach, Toni, has been amazing so far and you can find more info here and send her a message to get your own nutrition help!

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