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My Secrets to BIG hair volume & Rocking a Lady Mohawk!

Hiiiii friends!! Okay, so one of the biggest questions I get is just HOW I get my hair to have so much volume and just how I get it to stay up in a Mohawk. This hairstyle is also what I get the most comments and compliments on from complete strangers, seriously! I can style my hair any other way and this one by far gets the most (positive) reaction and comments! At first I thought it was unusual that so many people said something but then I realized, maybe there is a stigma that a woman can't rock a Mohawk AND be feminine at the same time... well guess what!? I am here to shatter that myth because you CAN totally be a bada$$ with a Mohawk and be girly at the same time!! If being girly isn't you, that's cool too! Seriously, who made rules on how you can or can't wear your hair as a woman??? I say, if it makes you happy, makes you confident, and you feel powerful, ROCK IT BOO!

For all those people out there worried about cutting their hair short, I have a tip for you... try it, if you don't love it, grow it back out!! Hair grows back ;) Never be afraid to do something that may potentially be the change you need. This hairstyle literally changed my life. It instantly gave me confidence I didn't know I needed. My only regret? NOT DOING IT SOONER!!

Want to see exactly how I get this look?? Watch this video below and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel while you are there!

For products used in my video, refer to the list (linked) below! These are all what I personally use and love and what works for my hair. This is not sponsored, it's my real honest opinion and based on my own trial and error! If you try any of these, hope you love them and let me know in the comments below what you think of this video and if you'd like to see more hair tutorials!

Now, go slay all day babes!

- Heather

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