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You don't have to sacrifice QUALITY for PRICE anymore! Makeup and skincare doesn't need to be expensive to be high quality and even more importantly, CLEAN toxin free products are now affordable for everyone! FARMASi products are manufactured to EU standards on a laboratory setting and they are free from over 1300 chemicals and toxins used in US products. I have absolutely fallen in love with this line of products and recommend them to all my clients. I know you will fall in love the minute you try them too!


So, what makes FARMASi so special?


FARMASi products follow these golden rules:
✔️ Free of parabens, triclosan & heavy metals
✔️ Phosphate Free, formaldehyde free, phthalates free
✔️ Dermatologist tested
✔️ Developed in the laboratories of Farmasi
✔️ Reject the use of animal ingredients
✔️ Do not use endangered plants
✔️ Non GMO
✔️ Cruelty free
✔️ All product processes comply with GMP Standards (good manufacturing practice)


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