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Canada and Mexico Farmasi Launch

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Getting in on the ground floor!

As you may have heard FARMASi is coming to both Canada and Mexico on SEPTEMBER 1st 2021 and it is going to be record breaking! This is your chance to get in at the START, a ground floor opportunity, and launch businesses in two completely NEW markets. A $20 investment can be life changing just like it has been for me and I am here to help you all along the way!

Are you ready to learn more? Fill out my interest form here and I will keep you updated on all news related to launch and follow-up with you as soon as registrations are open.

Are you in the US? Great! FARMASi is already here and I can help you get started.

What is FARMASi?

Farmasi is a family owned and operated European cosmetics company that has been in business for over 70 years developing and retailing products in over 125 countries around the world. They are a direct sales business looking for entrepreneurs who want to develop their own business and enjoy all the opportunities that Farmasi can provide. FARMASi carries makeup, hair care, skin care, fragrances for men and women, baby care and soon health and wellness products. They produce everything they make in-house, including the packaging, keeping production costs down and passing the savings on to the consumer, which also allows them to have the best compensation plan in the business!

The best compensation plan I have ever found!

  • 50% off everything you purchase for yourself

  • 50% commission to start and up to 75% commission available

  • Free website to market and sell products

  • No monthly quotas, no auto ship or tiered discounts. The only requirement to stay active is one order placed every 6 months to stay active

  • Earn personal bonuses, group bonuses, team bonuses, car bonuses of up to $650/mo.

  • One time cash bonuses for achievement levels

  • Earn incentive trips and travel bonuses to places across the world

  • No expensive kit to purchase, but you can earn products or purchase kits at a discount if you wish

  • Receive a mini kit when you join for only $19.90 US dollars (cost may vary slightly by the time of launch)

Want to learn more about FARMASi? Check out my shop page.

Why choose me (Heather N Artistry) as your up-line leader?

  • My proven success is your guide In my short year year with FARMASi I have quickly grown a team of 6500+ Beauty Influencers, ranking to Platinum Founding Director in just 3 months with the company. This past year we sold almost $6.5M in retail sales, with $800k in November alone.

  • My background in training and leadership greatness I am a leadership trainer at heart and it shows with my team. Our team is family and I will help support you, provide training opportunities and make sure that you are ready to hit the ground running! I have consistent 1:1 trainings available as well as team trainings to ensure you have every resource at your fingertips. As a measure of my teams success as well, I have Director/Leadership level team members on EVERY part of my team and we are quickly moving up the ranks and a force to be reckoned with! Coupled with a start-up guidance and quick-start training materials you will be up and running in no time.

  • My 17+ years of professional makeup experience I have worked in the beauty industry for over 17 years now and have experience and a wide range of knowledge in bridal, special occasion, lessons, master classes, styled photo shoots, editorial makeup and special effects styles. I pride myself on pristine work, a modern aesthetic and creative artistry. If you’d like to see some of my work, hop on over to my portfolio.

Are you ready to learn more? Fill out my interest form here and I will keep you updated on all news related to launch and follow-up with you as soon as registrations are open.

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